Knitting Pretty and Pretty Knitting

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We have a confession to make.

We knit pretty and have pretty knits.

We care for our hands as they mold their crafts. We like the designs because they create beautiful projects. And we want to share our secrets!

We do have a few rules here though:
1. Any picture greater than 100x100 pixels in size must be behind an lj-cut.
2. Cross-posting is okay, but if it is posted here, make sure it is relevant to the community.
3. Asking for help finding a pattern is okay. However, please be specific about the pattern (as in "I'm looking for a child's sweater with a frog on it.") and please already have searched for it on Google, Knitting Pattern Central, and other relevant search engines.
4. Please use proper grammer!
5. No foul language or putting down of others. We all work really hard, please appreciate us!

A few To Do's:
1. Post your WIP's (works-in-progress) and FO's (finished objects)! We want to see your hard work!
2. Ask questions when you feel stuck!
3. Give out tips on hand, wrist, and skin care!
4. Give out knitting advice!
5. Post links to your favorite patterns!